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Sep. 9th, 2015 04:39 pm
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  • Title the post with the type of message and its recepient (i.e., [text to character x])
  • Video and audio posts should obey the typical rules for spelling and grammar; text posts can be subject to character typing quirks
  • Please utilize the character tags
  • Please fill out the date in the 'Current Music' section; the IC date can be found HERE
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[The buzz of static heralds the ominous click of a microphone as a feed switches on to all personal radios. Do not adjust your set, Rapture - your lord and savior Andrew Ryan wants to impart a few words.]

It has come to my attention that certain - individuals, outsiders, have been finding their way into our Eden despite our edict against surface contact.

[He spits out the word ‘outsiders’ as if it were some kind of foul curse, hot with venom and crisp with disdain. Parasites, anyone who has heard his voice before might be able to conclude. What he means is parasites.

This little speech is darkly specific. It’s live, or at the very least, recorded explicitly for this occasion. But how could anyone, even Ryan, have known something like this was coming?]

You have been given a chance to remain. Respect your superiors, abide by the values that have formed the very foundations of our society, and you will be allowed to stay.

[His voice twists with thinly-concealed rage, escalating in volume, almost as if he has leaned closer into the microphone.]

But if there should be any news that anyone is responsible for - ferrying these interlopers into the city -

[He breaks off. When he speaks again, his tone is once again smooth, controlled, but no less redolent of an unspoken menace.]

There will be consequences.

[The feed ends.]

[[ooc: Andrew Ryan is far too important to respond to the petty needs of the city’s newcomers, but players are free to mingle below. Top-levels are assumed to be public, while any responses are assumed to be private unless stated otherwise. Make too much of a racket, and some of Rapture’s denizens might start to take notice, however…]]